Nice to meet you, my name is Tiago!

I'm a Software Engineer with 14 years of experience in full-stack software development, software architecture, web performance, team leadership and agile methodologies. Throughout my career, I've acted as an evangelist for good practices, code quality, unit tests, accessibility and positive collaboration, through servant leadership and coaching habits. I've mentored individuals and trained entire teams with diverse skill sets in front-end, back-end, leadership, and agile practices. Driven by empathy, kindness and creativity.

My published body of work includes more than a dozen articles in renowned websites and magazines such as InfoQ, DZone, FreeCodeCamp Medium,, AirPair and Java Magazine. I've spoken at several major conferences internationally, such as ForwardJS, FEDC, Abstractions, DevCon5, and HTML5DevConf, as well as in meetups and corporate training in San Francisco and New York.

Last but not least, I'm a keen member of the developer community, both authoring and contributing to existing open-source software, and volunteering with organizations for under-represented groups. My current passion is leading initiatives and advocating for accessibility.

Here are my highlights

  • Strong expertise in JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, React, Redux, Flow, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, Jasmine, Jest, Cypress, Python, Flask, Java, Git, SQL, Unit Tests, Functional Programming, Web Performance, Design Patterns, Responsive Design, Design Systems.
  • Architected, orchestrated and spearheaded the implementation of several pages and features for top U.S. e-commerce sites and social media. Led teams and redesigned architectures, tech stacks and user experiences, focusing on increased engineering productivity, better code performance, a more responsive design and evangelizing good practices such as A/B testing, design patterns, unit tests, integration tests, SEO and accessibility.
  • Lectured and empowered companies to achieve excellent results in terms of increased revenue, reduction in page load time and speed index, improved user engagement and boosted SEO ranking.
  • Works at Pinterest's Business Interfaces, by leading complete projects from planning to A/B testing and shipped, while collaborating cross-functionally and advocating for the best user experience and accessibility. At the same time, doing mentoring, code reviewing, bug fixing, giving lectures/workshops and sharing oncall responsibilities (deploying, keeping systems healthy, responding to incidents and other critical demands).
  • Co-leads PinAble, the Pinterest community which advocates for people with all abilities. In the past, co-led another community: Todos Pincluídos, representing Latinx employees. Such work is fundamental to Pinterest's DEI initiatives and ultimately to the company culture.
  • Started Avenue Code's branch in Brazil as its first employee, assuming the roles of Software Engineer, Tech Lead and Tech Manager. In the first 4 years, I led the growth to 120 employees in 3 offices.
  • Awarded First Prize on AirPair's 2015 Developer Writing Competition.
  • Awarded First Place among the Computer Science students at UNIFEI (equivalent to summa cum laude).
  • Organized the Backbone.js Hackers meetup in San Francisco from 2014 to 2016, having 1000 members at the time.

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Know my interests

  • Passionate about accessibility.
  • Fond of spreading good practices and mentoring people.
  • Strong believer in Servant leadership.
  • Latino, from Brazil.
  • Driven by empathy, kindness and creativity.
  • Ethical vegan.
  • Capoeirista.
  • Rope jumper.
  • Daily meditator.
  • Kombucha brewer.
  • Sober.
  • Married to Cintia Romero and dog daddy.
  • Enjoy playing guitar, ukulele, berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque and other hand percussion instruments.
  • Practictioner of Ahiṃsā (the virtue of nonviolence).
  • I believe that Black Lives Matter and Love is Love, and I refuse to work for who doesn't share these values.

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