We are back! Learn about Firebase & Backbone + building a better Backbone.View!

On September 11th, 2014 I hosted the Backbone.js Hackers meetup in San Francisco, CA at Pivotal Labs.

Me and Summer Kim volunteered to revamp this meetup after 1 year of hiatus. Thanks Avenue Code for sponsoring the food and drinks and Jonathon Kresner from AirPair for arranging the venue!

On this meetup we had 2 talks:

1) David East - Building realtime web apps with Firebase and Backbone

Realtime data is more than just a buzz word. It’s the new evolution of the way data is being delivered around the web. In this talk we’ll learn how we can use Firebase to give our apps realtime data. We’ll take a look at why realtime data is difficult to implement and what we can do to make it easier. At the end we’ll do a live coding session where we’ll give a Backbone app realtime powers using Firebase’s BackFire library.

2) RJ Zaworksi - Interop! Building a better Backbone.View

Let’s admit it: there are better tools than Backbone for UI development. While projects like Marionette, Thorax, and Stickit help smooth some rough edges, independent libraries like react.js offer a compelling alternative. In this conversation, we’ll explore opportunities for matching Backbone’s strengths as a data layer with the power of modern UI frameworks.

Check out We are back! Learn about Firebase & Backbone + building a better Backbone.View!.