Design Patterns for JavaScript featuring Modules

I gave this talk on July 21st, 2015 at DevCon5 in New York, NY and on October 27th, 2016 at Women Who Code Meetup in San Francisco, CA.

This talk is about the essential design patterns for JavaScript applications such as Constructor, Façade and Module, focusing on the different module strategies as CommonJS, AMD and ES2015 Modules.

Slide deck


  • Intermediate JavaScript
  • Advanced OOP
  • Familiarity with Design Patterns


The mind-boggling universe of JavaScript Module strategies

In April, 2015 I published an article on AirPair, about JavaScript Module strategies and how to work with them.

Article The mind-boggling universe of JavaScript Module strategies - AirPair


If you feel like “no matter what you do, there is always something funky in your JavaScript code”, I would bet that your Module strategy is not working out so well.

The importance of adopting a proper JavaScript Module strategy is often underestimated as a preference contest, so it is indeed important to really understand your needs. This article exposes the foundations of different JavaScript Module strategies such as ad hoc, CommonJS, AMD and ES6 modules, and how to get started with ES6 modules right now.