From Backbone to React + Vagrant & Node & Backbone & RequireJS

On February 12th, 2015 I hosted the Backbone.js Hackers meetup in San Francisco, CA at Place.

Thanks Avenue Code for sponsoring the food and drinks and Chengyin Liu from Place for arranging the venue!

On this meetup we had 2 talks:

1) Doron Segal - Vagrant + Node + Backbone + RequireJS showcase

This talk is a showcase about how these technologies play along in a effective way: Vagrant + Node + Backbone + RequireJS.

2) Chengyin Liu - From Backbone to React: Our Experiences

Since June last year, Place (formerly Backplane) has used React to build a platform for online communities. Instead of taking 2 months off to rewrite our system, we incrementally migrated our stack from Backbone to React. We would like to share our experience to help Backbone developers to start with React.

Check out From Backbone to React + Vagrant & Node & Backbone & RequireJS.

You can also watch the videos for slides and speakers.