In January, 2015 I published the marionette-vdom project on GitHub. This project aims to implement Marionette.js views with virtual-dom, in a React similar fashion.


One among React’s top-notch features, virtual DOM is gaining momentum in the front-end development community. Since Marionette.js is a formidable and constantly evolving library, why not adding one good thing to another?

A key concern here is ensuring that whatever code implementing virtual DOM features won’t break any existing functionality. That is why we have incorporated the whole test suite from Backbone.js and Marionette.js for the related classes, and all the 163 specs are passing.

Current status

To the date, its version 0.1.2 is implementing VDOM versions for Marionette.ItemView and Marionette.CollectionView. It can be used through node.js, available on NPM.

Travis CI status:


This module exposes VDOMItemView as the VDOM implementation for Marionette.ItemView and VDOMCollectionView for Marionette.CollectionView: