Backbone.js best practices & Marionette.js + Backbone.Subviews/Ba­ckbone.Courier

On October 9th, 2014 I hosted the Backbone.js Hackers meetup in San Francisco, CA at Cloudflare.

Thanks Avenue Code for sponsoring the food and drinks and James Kyle from Cloudflare for arranging the venue!

On this meetup we had 2 talks:

1) David Beck - Modularized Backbone Apps Part 1: Subviews and messaging

This talk is about modularization of the front end into encapsulated, reusable packages, via development of tools such as cartero, backbone.subviews, and backbone.courier.

2) Tiago Garcia - Backbone.js tricks or treats

This talk explains some pitfalls, solutions and good practices for common scenarios in Backbone.js. In this talk the audience will learn about Marionette.js, React.js, Epoxy.js and Sinon.JS and how do they solve problems about performance, memory, productivity and code organization. His slide deck is also available.

Check out Backbone.js best practices & Marionette.js + Backbone.Subviews/Ba­ckbone.Courier.