Design Patterns, enjoy moderately [pt]

In October, 2011 I published an article (in Portuguese) features as the cover of Java Magazine #98, about principles, discussions and reflections about using designing patterns, in order to help the reader to develop critical sense about them. This way, the reader can extract knowledge from himself in order to apply design patterns moderately.

Article Design Patterns, enjoy moderately - DevMedia


The article presents reflections about using design patterns, and shows some common causes for their misuse, besides some bad implementation examples. Next, introduces the GRASP principles and its relation with the design patterns, in order to guide the developer to use them adequately. Lastly, raises some questions to evaluate the implementation of a design pattern and considerations for the reader to develop critical sense.

When is the subject useful

The subject is useful for alerting the developer about the proper use of design patterns, which are solutions for certain problems, but could be problems for certain solutions. It is important to the developer know how to judge the usage of a design pattern in a particular context, evaluating its applicability and consequences, aiming for a optimal solution.